• HTML Helpers in MVC


    HTML Helpers in MVC



    HTML Helper 

    HTML Helper is just a method that returns a HTML string. The string can represent any type of content that you want.

    For example, you can use HTML Helpers to render standard HTML tags like HTML <input>, <button> and <img> tags etc.
    You can also create your own HTML Helpers to render more complex content such as a menu strip or an HTML table for displaying database data.


    HtmlHelper.ActionLink @Html.ActionLink(“Create New”, ”Create”, ”Home”)

    In the above example, @Html is an object of HtmlHelper class & ActionLink() is the extension method

    Html is a property of type HtmlHelper included in base class of razor view WebViewPage

    HtmlHelper class generates html elements For example, 

    @Html.ActionList("Create New", "Create“, “Home”) would generate anchor tag <a href="/Home/Create">Create New</a>

    HTML Element

    TextBox @Html.TextBox("Textbox1", "val")

    Output: <input id="Textbox1" name="Textbox1" type="text" value="val" />

    TextArea @Html.TextArea("Textarea1", "val", 5, 15, null)

    Output: <textarea cols="15" id="Textarea1" name="Textarea1" rows="5">val</textarea>

    Password @Html.Password("Password1", "val")

    Output: <input id="Password1" name="Password1" type="password" value="val" />

    Hidden Field @Html.Hidden("Hidden1", "val")

    Output: <input id="Hidden1" name="Hidden1" type="hidden" value="val" />

    CheckBox @Html.CheckBox("Checkbox1", false)

    Output: <input id="Checkbox1" name="Checkbox1" type="checkbox" value="true" /> <input name="myCheckbox" type="hidden" value="false" />

    RadioButton @Html.RadioButton("Radiobutton1", "val", true)

    Output: <input checked="checked" id="Radiobutton1" name="Radiobutton1" type="radio" value="val" />

    Drop-down list @Html.DropDownList (“DropDownList1”, new SelectList(new [] {"Male", "Female"}))

    Output: <select id="DropDownList1" name="DropDownList1"> <option>M</option> <option>F</option> </select>

    Multiple-select Html.ListBox(“ListBox1”, new MultiSelectList(new [] {"Cricket", "Chess"}))

    Output: <select id="ListBox1" multiple="multiple" name="ListBox1"> <option>Cricket</option> <option>Chess</option>

    @Html.ActionLink("HomePage", Index.new{style='color:red');

    Output: <a href="Index" style="color:red">HomePage</a>

    @Html.DisplayName("Enter your username");

    @HTMLDisplayNameFor(model => model.studentName);

    The following table lists HtmlHelper methods and html control:

    HtmlHelper - Html.ActionLink
    Html Control - Anchor link

    HtmlHelper - Html.ActionLinkFor
    Html Control - Anchor link

    HtmlHelper - Html.TextBox
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.TextBoxFor
    Html Control - Textbox

    HtmlHelper - Html.TextArea
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.TextAreaFor
    Html Control - TextArea

    HtmlHelper - Html.CheckBox
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.CheckBoxFor
    Html Control - Checkbox

    HtmlHelper - Html.RadioButton
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.RadioButtonFor
    Html Control - Radio button

    HtmlHelper - Html.DropDownList
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.DropDownListFor
    Html Control - Dropdown, combobox

    HtmlHelper - Html.ListBox
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.ListBoxFor
    Html Control - Multi-select list box

    HtmlHelper - Html.Hidden
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.HiddenFor
    Html Control - Hidden Field

    HtmlHelper - Password
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.PasswordFor
    Html Control - Password textbox

    HtmlHelper - Html.Display
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Hmlt.DisplayFor
    Html Control - Html text

    - Html.Label
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.LabelFor
    Html Control - Label

    - Html.DisplayName
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.DisplayNameFor
    Html Control - Display

    HtmlHelper - Html.editory
    Strogly Typed HtmlHelpers - Html.EditorFor
    Html Control - Generates html controls based on data type of specified model property eg. textbox for string property numeric field for int, double or other numeric type.



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