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Showing posts with label TikTok Banned. Show all posts
  • Anonymous Hackers Directly Target TikTok: ‘Delete This Chinese Spyware Now’

    Anonymous Hackers Directly Target TikTok: ‘Delete This Chinese Spyware Now’

    This has been a week that TikTok—the Chinese viral video giant that has soared under lockdown—will want to put quickly behind it. The ByteDance-owned platform was under fire anyway, over allegations of data mishandling and censorship, but then a beta version of Apple’s iOS 14 caught the app secretly accessing users’ clipboards and a backlash immediately followed.

    Whether India had always planned to announce its ban on TikTok, along with 58 other Chinese apps, on June 29, or was prompted by the viral response to the iOS security issue is not known. But, as things stand, TikTok has been pulled from the App Store and Play Store in India, its largest market, and has seen similar protests from users in other major markets around the world, including the U.S.Anonymous Hackers Directly Target TikTok: ‘Delete This Chinese Spyware Now’

    One of the more unusual groups campaigning against TikTok is the newly awakened Anonymous hactivist group. As ever with Anonymous, it’s difficult to attribute anything to the non-existent central core of this loosely affiliated hacker collective, but one of the better followed Twitter accounts ostensibly linked to the group has been mounting a fierce campaign against TikTok for several weeks, one that has now gained prominence given the events of the last few days.

    “Delete TikTok now,” the account tweeted today, July 1, “if you know someone that is using it, explain to them that it is essentially malware operated by the Chinese government running a massive spying operation.”

    The account linked to a story that has been doing the rounds in recent days, following a Reddit post from an engineer who claimed to have “reverse engineered” TikTok to find a litany of security and privacy abuses. There has been no confirmation yet as to the veracity of these allegations, and TikTok did not provide any comment on the claims when I approached them.

    The original issue that prompted Anonymous to target TikTok appears to be the “misrepresentation” of Anonymous on TikTok itself, with the setting up of an account. “Anonymous has no TikTok account,” the same Twitter account tweeted on June 6, “that is an App created as spyware by the Chinese government.”

    Those affiliated with Anonymous take exception to copycat accounts, which is complicated by the lack of any central function. In the aftermath of the Minneapolis Police story, someone affiliated with the group took exception to a Twitter account that was monetising the brand, telling me: “We do not appreciate false flag impersonations. There will be consequences.”

    See also

    This has now become an interesting collision of two completely different viral stories in their own right. Anonymous hit the headlines a month ago, when the “group” seemed to mount a comeback in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. A video posted on Facebook threatened to “expose the many crimes” of the Minneapolis Police unless the officers responsible were held to account.

    There have been various stories since then, with reports of DDoS attacks on police service websites, the hacking of data and even the compromise of radio systems. But, as ever, with Anonymous, it is always critical to remember that you are seeing that loose affiliation of like-minded individuals, with Anonymous used as a rallying cry and an umbrella for claims and counter-claims. Attribution, as such, is not possible.

    This also puts TikTok in the somewhat unique position of having united various governments, including the U.S., and Anonymous behind the same cause.

    For TikTok, whether there is any hacking risk following these social media posts we will have to wait and see. Again, you have to remember the way this works. A rallying call has gone out to like-minded hacking communities worldwide. A target has been named and shamed. It would not be a surprise if claims of hacks or DDoS website attacks followed. That’s the patten now.

    So, why does this matter? Well, it’s one thing for the U.S. government or even the Indian government to warn hundreds of millions of users about the dangers of TikTok, but various celebrities and influencers have also been swayed by the latest claims and have publicly expressed their concerns. Anonymous is a viral movement that is targeting some of the same user base that has driven TikTok’s growth. It is campaigning against TikTok, and that campaign will drive its own viral message.

    And while until now that user base has remained steadfastly resilient to any of those warnings, sticking with the video sharing app in droves, you can start to get the feeling now that come of this might stick. It’s subtle, and it’s always risky to judge the world by the twitter-sphere, but there’s a change now in the wind.

    Credit : Forbes

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  • Digital strike on 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, UC Browser, India banned

    Digital strike on 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, UC Browser, India banned

    Complete list of Chinese apps banned by Indian government: TikTok ,, India has banned 59 Chinese apps including UC browser. Let us know that the government has banned these Chinese apps under the IT Act 2000.

    A big decision has been taken amidst the deadlock on the border with China. 59 Chinese apps have been banned in India. Among the apps that have been banned are TicketLock, UC Browser, Share It etc. Apart from these, Hello, Like, Cam Scanner, Sheen Kwai have also been banned. Baidu Map, KY, DU Battery Scanner has also been banned. Let us know that the government has banned these Chinese apps under the IT Act 2000. Digital strike on 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, UC Browser, India banned

    Earlier, Indian security agencies had prepared a list of Chinese apps and appealed to the central government to ban them or people should be asked to immediately remove them from their mobiles. The reasoning behind this was that China could hack Indian data.

    At the same time, 20 soldiers of India were martyred in the recent violent clash with the Chinese army in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh. Since then, there was anger among the people of India about all the apps including China and its products. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appealed to the people to become a self-reliant India.

    However, the decision to ban these 59 apps from China has been taken at a time when the third round of core commander level meeting between the two countries is going to be held in Ladakh. The special thing is that this meeting is being held on the call of India this time. Earlier, both the meetings were held at the invitation of China.

    1. TikTok
    2. Shareit
    3. Kwai
    4. UC Browser
    5. Baidu map
    6. Shein
    7. Clash of Kings
    8. DU battery saver
    9. Helo
    10. Likee
    11. YouCam makeup
    12. Mi Community
    13. CM Browers
    14. Virus Cleaner
    15. APUS Browser
    16. ROMWE
    17. Club Factory
    18. Newsdog
    19. Beutry Plus
    20. WeChat
    21. UC News
    22. QQ Mail
    23. Weibo
    24. Xender
    25. QQ Music
    26. QQ Newsfeed
    27. Bigo Live
    28. SelfieCity
    29. Mail Master
    30. Parallel Space 31. Mi Video Call – Xiaomi
    32. WeSync
    33. ES File Explorer
    34. Viva Video – QU Video Inc
    35. Meitu
    36. Vigo Video
    37. New Video Status
    38. DU Recorder
    39. Vault- Hide
    40. Cache Cleaner DU App studio
    41. DU Cleaner
    42. DU Browser
    43. Hago Play With New Friends
    44. Cam Scanner
    45. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
    46. Wonder Camera
    47. Photo Wonder
    48. QQ Player
    49. We Meet
    50. Sweet Selfie
    51. Baidu Translate
    52. Vmate
    53. QQ International
    54. QQ Security Center
    55. QQ Launcher
    56. U Video
    57. V fly Status Video
    58. Mobile Legends
    59. DU Privacy

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