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  • A Guide on RadareEye & Its Use Case


    A Guide on RadareEye & Its Use Case


    RadareEye: It’s a tool Which scans nearby devices and detects a particular device by its MAC then if it comes in range, it basically executes a command on the physical system/where it’s running. A Guide on RadareEye & Its Use Case

    Setting Up RadareEye

    Installation: The installation process of RadareEye is very simple. Just you have to clone into your linux system from github. Below command will clone RadareEye on your system.

    git clone https://github.com/souravbaghz/RadareEye

    A Guide on RadareEye & Its Use Case


    Note: Make sure you have Bluetooth or WiFi dongle attached to your system if you’re running in VirtualMachines.

    Note: After cloning, jump into the RadareEye directory and run the radare executable.

    cd RadareEye

    bash radare <MAC> <option>

    <MAC> refers to the MAC Address of your target device and <option> needs to be set accordingly. After hitting enter by providing necessary arguments, it will ask you for the command to be executed later. If you don't need to feed the command then skip it by simply pressing enter.

    Am not going to show you here how to get MAC of any devices, use hcitool for this.

    How Actually It Works

    : Scan > Detect > Execute


    Scan- It scans for that particular MAC Address given by us while running in a certain range.(depends on dongle or antenna)

    - While scanning, if it matches then it detects and shows us status on the terminal.

    Execute- RadareEye executes our command which we provide at the starting.

    A Guide on RadareEye & Its Use Case



    As you can see on the above screenshot, it keeps displaying status on the terminal and executes/triggers the command when the target device comes in range.
    Now you know how to do this...

    Use Cases Of RadareEye

    This is the scariest part of this book because it will give us ideas to exploit many things by using RadareEye.

    Stay Away From Me: Let’s say while You live in a house with the landlord, other people. And You use their bandwidth or WiFi to do things “You don’t wanna let them about”. So, here you could use RadareEye.

    Make the target your landlord’s smartphone or smartwatch. You know he has these devices on him at all times. Anyhow you first get the MAC Address and configure RadareEye. So, whenever you’re not around and he decides to go in your room, your laptop gets locked or shuts down when he gets in between range. 

    This is how you keep away from him while you’re not around your laptop. Isn’t it cool !

    Location Track: So, You’re thinking of tracking someone in a certain area or place. Okay just buy a tiny computer (raspberry pi), install any linux distro and RadareEye on it then configure. Am assuming that your target person has a BLE Device(SmartWatch/Band) in every use case.

    So, You configured your tiny computer + RadareEye and are ready to track him, for this find a suitable place to plant or hide your tiny computer beside walking way or somewhere you want to. Multiple tiny computers + RadareEye == Tracking at multiple areas with most accuracy.

    Just you need a python script that sends you a custom text message to your cell phone, So you can examine its location easily.

    Bad Guy’s Explosion: As you read above how someone can track a person in a certain range, But here the method is the same but the result is very dangerous. How?? 

    Let’s say a Bad Guy has your smartband’s MAC Address then he could plant raspberry in your office way but what if he configures RadareEye to trigger a command or script which carry codes for explosion.  


    Think About It Once And Stay Aware From This Kind Of Things !
    Smart things could be Threat for us as well.

    Child & Elderly Safety: Not always running RadareEye is intended to harm, sometimes you can use it as Alarm for Child & Elderly. Soon, I am updating RadareEye to trigger commands when the target device gets out of range also. So, you can buy a smartband for your kids and grandpa for their safety and you can get status while you’re out of home or in another room.

    Hacking: Some Automate Hacking is also possible by using RadareEye but am not giving you any ideas due to some reasons. Maybe kiddies could use that. Haha! ;)

    Conclusion: As you see how smartband or similar devices can be used with tools or scripts like RadareEye to harm you and for your safety also. I recommend you to use this kind of device safely and by looking at your situations.



    All tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only and have been made using our own routers, servers, websites and other vulnerable free resources. we do not contain any illegal activity. We believe that ethical hacking, information security and cyber security should be familiar subjects to anyone using digital information and computers. Hacking Truth is against misuse of the information and we strongly suggest against it. Please regard the word hacking as ethical hacking or penetration testing every time this word is used. We do not promote, encourage, support or excite any illegal activity or hacking.

      - Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal


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