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Showing posts with label Human Trafficking. Show all posts
  • Understanding The Background Pain Of Online Human Trafficking


    Understanding The Background Pain Of Online Human Trafficking


    Understanding The Background Pain of Online Human Trafficking

    Technology, particularly the Internet, has enabled sex trafficking and sexual exploitation to become the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. The increasing misuse of technology is changing the nature of trafficking, and so we must work by developing new ways to deal with it. Understanding The Background Pain Of Online Human Trafficking

    The world of online technology and the Internet is helpful in trafficking us, as a result of which we keep hearing different news every day. Online resources such as open and classified advertisement sites, adult websites, social media platforms, chatrooms, extending into the dark-web enable traffickers to interact with an increasing number of potential victims.

    According to Internet call, facebook is a huge market where things like this are done, for which everyone has to bear the consequences. According to the Human Trafficking Institute, the 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report revealed that 59 percent of online sex is posted on Facebook.

    The report was released to mark the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which made human trafficking
    a federal crime. Throughout this year’s edition of the report, it highlights data and trends that span across two decades of anti-trafficking enforcement in the U.S.

    You will remember that most of the crimes related to kidnapping are being done offline because in the world of internet, child exploitation and victim requirement are happening very fast.

    People's habits have become so much associated with facebook, snapchat, wechat even that instagram have also been identified as hotspots for sex trafficking cases.



    Actually What is Human Trafficking ?


    It is the illegal trade of human beings for the purposes of commerical sexual explloitation or reproductive slavery, or force labour or it called nowdays as modern day slavery.


    Why is this happen ?

    1) Because of trafficking is a lucrative industry. It has been identified as the fastest growing criminal industry in the world.
    2) I guess unemployment, war, proverty are the key drives of human trafficking.
    3) Homeless especially girl who run away from home (homeless), are great risk of being targeted by a pimp (or traffickers) and becoming exploited.
    4) Usually caused by proverty/lack of economic opportunities, especially for women and children, and a demand for certain services in the destination country.
    5) Traffickers use blackmail, abuse and threats to force victims to comply with their wishes in the destination country.



    Understanding The Background Pain Of Online Human Trafficking



    Who the victims ?

    Generally females young girls, babies (they are born for the specific purpose being sold). Age is the greatest vulnerability factor.


    According to google search, The top three states with highest number of Human trafficking incidents based on number of cases reported are West Bengal, Rajasthan and Gujarat and the top three states with highest number of Human trafficking incidents based on crime rates are West Bengal, Daman and Diu and Goa.

    The list is compiled from the 2016 Crime in India Report published by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Government of India




    Brought to you by Indian states ranking by incidents of human trafficking






    1) Wounds, Bruises
    2) Drug addiction
    3) Hostility
    4) No eye contact
    5) Prepaid credit card or cell phone
    6) False or no identification
    7) Unable to provide name of school



    How we can stop that ?

    But it comes to how we can stop it because young people like us are going somewhere in the wrong direction, which maybe the coming generation can ask us the question that why it was not stopped at the right time, which will result in the coming time. People can also suffer. See, every coin has two sides, the more we stop the thing, the more it will increase, then we can make people aware because there is a lack of awareness in people. According to a report, cybercrime or vulnerability is more in the mind of human than in our system.

    Understanding The Background Pain Of Online Human Trafficking
    Credit: pixabay.com



    1) This is not for promotion but for awareness, first of all share this article with others.
    2) Organize a fundraiser where to raise a fund and use it to donate the proceeds to an anti-trafficking organization
    3) The world of this online is very big, but if we see this type of content anywhere, then report it without hesitation. If you want to report anonymously, you can.
    4) If you have knowledge about cyber security, then you can make people aware about cyber sec awareness by doing videos, articles or seminars etc.
    5) Boycott products and companies that permit human trafficking.
    6) Learn the indicators of human trafficking so you can help identify a potential trafficking victim. Human trafficking awareness training is available for individuals, businesses, first responders, law enforcement, educators, and federal employees, among others.



    How to Report ?

    It is a little difficult to go against someone, but if you fight for the truth or such things which are hollowing our society, then do not fear at all, you can report without hesitation even with anonymously or  and you can make people aware by becoming a Volunteer.




    National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal



    National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal :- CLICK HERE






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