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  • How Google Chrome will prevent websites from spying on you

    How Google Chrome will prevent websites from spying on you

    As part of its effort to maintain user-privacy, Google Chrome is building a feature that could ultimately keep websites from spying on you.

    The capability, which has been spotted in the developer build of the browser, will keep websites from accessing sensor data of your phone/computer.

    For those unaware, this information can be used by websites/advertisers for tracking your movements and more. How Google Chrome will prevent websites from spying on you

    Tracking using motion sensor

    A few years back, a study revealed that potential attackers can use websites to fetch the motion sensor (accelerometer and gyroscope) data from a visitor's device.

    The research claimed that the information mined by websites (via different APIs) could be used to determine your movements, including data like if you are moving, standing still, or traveling by car or train.


    Then, this information can be used to build user profiles

    The movement information from the sensors can then be combined with web activity to build unique profiles of the visitors and track, surveil and monetize them. MSPoweruser claims that sensor information could even be used to recognize your unique walking gait.

    Chrome is already working on a preventive method

    Since many users want to protect themselves from being tracked by websites, Google Chrome is testing an option to allow or block censors for websites in the Canary.

    These features will be available to both Android and desktop users, giving them the option to choose whether websites should know the speed and light sensors, and if the website starts getting information about things like light sensors in Chrome. There may be danger messages

    And while you will be reading this post, this feature will be available in Chrome.

    And you should not forget to check this post, this is also part of motion in censor motion or light and do not forget to follow

    How this feature would work

    The feature, enabled by default, can be accessed from the 'Content' section in browser settings.

    Meaning, whenever you open a page accessing sensors, the browser will generate an omnibox pop-up, similar to the one that opens for GPS or mic permissions, notifying about the access.

    It will have two options: either allow sensor access for the page or block it permanently for that page.


    Per-site control only for desktop users

    As of now, sensor access for individual websites can only be controlled on the desktop version of Chrome Canary. Android users, as HackingTruth.in(Kumaratuljaiswal) screenshots indicated, will get a single toggle to control access for all websites at once.

    When this feature will be available

    According to Chromium developers' message board, the feature has been targeted for Chrome 75.

    As of now, the browser is on version 73, which means it might be a few months before it debuts in a stable release.

    Also, in addition to this feature, Google has also been testing a dark mode for Chrome which would also recolor web pages.

    Disable Motion Sensors

    Load chrome://settings/content/sensors in the Chrome address bar(Computer/Smartphone).

    Doing so opens the Sensor permissions in the browser.

    Toggle "Allow sites to use motion and light sensors" to enable or disable Sensors globally.



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    - Hacking Truth by Kumar Atul Jaiswal

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