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Development 90%
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Development 90%
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  • Where do you want to be redirected 301 and 302?


    Where do you want to be redirected 301 and 302?

    301 and 302?

    you have a website you have a domain!! What happens if after a while you decide that you don't like that domain name what do you do ?

    Hello Guys i'm Atul from behalf of Hacking Truth and today i'm going to be explaining how you can use 301 and 302 redirects as well as what's the difference between them so first of!!

    If you have a domain name let's say you started out with  kumaratuljaiswal.in  and you decided you know what i have these sixteen letter domain names they're too long i actually want a two letter domain name i just want kumaratuljaiswal.in if you decide that it's too long and you're gonna change from kumaratuljaiswal.in to kumaratul.in you wanna do what's called a 301 redirect a 301 redirect tells google that hey we've changed names we have a new domain name take all our existing rankings from this site and transfer it  over to this new site and they do that it roughly takes anywhere from a few weeks to sometimes up to a few months to fully kick in but when you do a 301 redirect you're telling
    google we've permanently moved.


    Think of it as changing an address when you move locations a new apartment a new home you're telling the postal service that hey i've changed locations and now they forward all mail to your new address the same thing happens when you use a 301 redirect a 302 redirect on the other hand is telling google hey we've temporarily changed locations think of it as you're going to a summer home and you're staying there so you want your mail forwarded there for a few months and then you're going to go back to your original home that's the same way it works on the web with the 302 redirect in which let's say you offer winter products and summer products so your domain name is kumaratuljaiswal.in/summer and you
    decide that hey summer's over we're now going to shift into winter products well you can do a 302 redirect saying hey we've moved kumaratuljaiswal.in/summer to kumaratuljaiswal.in/winter that tells google hey temporarily send all the traffic and the rankings etc to kumaratuljaiswal.in/winter now in the eyes of google they said recently that they start looking at 301 redirects and 302 redirects the same but not all search engines do this if you do a permanent move use a 301 and if you're doing a temporary move use a 302 redirect.

    You can do this for whole domain names and you can do this for web URLs as well so it could be web pages on your site subdirectory subdomains etc if you're going to do this i could say hey here's how to
    do it but i don't recommend that you actually do the redirects yourself unless you're technical i did this with my own website kumaratuljaiswal.in/br i made a mistake with my 301 redirects and you know what i eventually fixed it but my traffic didn't bounce back it went to 90 percent of where it was it took roughly 3 months to recuperate most the traffic.



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