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  • 35 lakh rupees waiting for you even a little knowledge of hacking is there

    35 lakh rupees waiting for you even a little knowledge of hacking is there

    35 lakh rupees waiting for you even a little knowledge of hacking is there

    If you too have a fondness for hacking, you know about coding, then 35 lakh rupees are waiting for you. Sony, the leading electronic company, has announced the bug bounty program for the gaming console PlayStation. Under this program, gamers or any common man may be entitled to this award by removing bugs in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network. Earlier, Sony's PlayStation bug bounty program used to be private, but this year for the first time the company has announced to make it public. hacker101

    Announcing this bug bounty program, Sony wrote in its blog, 'It is a fundamental part of our product security that gives a great experience to our community. To strengthen the security, we attach great importance to the research community. We are excited to announce the new bug bounty program. hackerone

    The company has partnered with HackerOne for this and under this program, work is going on to find flaws in PS4 system, operating system, accessories and PlayStation network. It must be mentioned here that PS3 and PS2 are not part of this program. Bug Bounty Program

    35 lakh rupees waiting for you even a little knowledge of hacking is there

    Sony has divided the prize money of Bug Bounty into four parts, which include Critical, High Severity, Medium Severity and Low Severity. For finding Critical Bugs in PlayStation 4, you will get 50,000 dollars i.e. about 38 lakh rupees, while searching for High, Medium and Low Severity bugs will get 10,000 dollars i.e. about 7.5 lakh rupees, 2,500 dollars i.e. two lakh rupees and 500 dollars i.e. about 38,000 rupees respectively. Bug crowd

    Talking about the PlayStation Network (PSN), if you find a critical bug in it, then you will get 3,000 dollars i.e. about 2.5 lakh rupees, while on searching for high, medium and low severity bugs, 1,000 dollars i.e. about 75,500 rupees, 400 dollars i.e. 30,000 rupees respectively. 100 dollars i.e. about 7,500 rupees.

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  • How to hack instagram password 2020 methods

    How to hack instagram password 2020 methods

    Today's youth focus less on ethical hacking and more in hacking, how to steal the password of people's social media accounts and hack their account.

    After Facebook, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among teenagers and early adults who have made it a profession. For some reason, like if you forgot your login password, you want to see what your child has done on Instagram, or see if your partner cheated on you, etc., you need to give yourself or someone else's May need to hack Instagram account. To cater to your needs, here, I will present 4 simple and reliable ways for you.

    And even if you are an ethical hacker or a programmer, some people will still tell you that please hack the password of an Instagram, my girlfriend cheats on me or my husband / wife is chatting with someone else to find me. Is in this way. It has become a very normal thing, every one of them gives excuse only which seems to lie clearsfaly.   How to hack instagram password 2020 method

    The Solution to Your Problem – How to Hack Instagram Account

    Fortunately, there are talented software developers out there that have spent their valuable time creating products that help you get around the security protocols of an Instagram account. We’re going to look at four different ways to hack your Instagram profile and gain access to your images and stories.
    ftk imager

    Method 1 : Hack an Instagram Account Password with a Keylogger

    Keylogger software applications are increasing in popularity as a means to circumvent Instagram security and break into a password-protected account. Here is a brief review of pout top 2 favorite keyloggers for 2020.
    mSpy is perhaps the most successful spying tool available online. You’ll need to pay a subscription fee to access most of the features that let you hack an Instagram account, but the free demo trial allows you to;
    website hacking

    • View general information on the profile.
    • Check activity on any cell phone.
    • See the last location known and ten most frequently called contacts.

    When you pay your subscription fee, the service gives you access to the follo0wing features;  exploit db

    • Ability to view all media files and direct links sent from the target account.
    • Ability to see all of the DM’s from the target account.
    • Ability to hack Instagram password and username.
    • Complete control over the target Instagram account.

    Get mSpy by clicking the button below.

    How to hack instagram password

    mSpy is an app built with stealth in mind, making it one of the most popular choices for a Keylogger on practically any platform., The program works equally well on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter accounts as well.

    After installing the app on a device, you can remove any trace of it, hiding it from the view of the device user. The app continues to work in the background and sending you the requested data. To access the premium features of the app, you’ll need to purchase the premium package as well as root your iOS or Android phone.

    How to hack Instagram account and password with the mSpy Software Tool
    We prefer using these Keylogger tools over the traditional brute-force of phishing methods. Developers spent hours creating these efficient tools to reduce the time you spend on hacking an account. Therefore, it’s so much easier to use a pre-built product, than trying to create a phishing page or guessing passwords. nexpose

    Here is a step-by-step guide to using mSpy for hacking an Instagram password.

    Step 1 – Root your Android or iOS device – this function only works with rooted devices.

    Step 2 – Purchase the premium version of the mSpy software tool.

    Step 3 – Purchase the family package to track or crack up to 3 devices.

    Step 4 – Click the mSpy link and choose iOS or Android configuration.

    Step 5 – Visit the control panel, select “Keylogger,” or “Instagram tracker.”

    Step 6 – Execute the program and wait for results.

    It’s important to understand the difference between the Keylogger and Instagram tracker functions. Keylogging allows you to record and access all of the keys pressed on the device’s keypad. The program sifts through this information and deciphers the password to the Instagram account your targeting.

    The Instagram tracking feature on mSpy gives you access to all of the messages exchanged between the target profile and their audience.

    We like mSpy for its user-friendly interface and efficiency at cracking Instagram passwords. However, we think that the premium subscription fee might be a little expensive for this product when there are others out there offering the same functionality at a better price. instagram password hack
    XNSPY   web application penetration testing

    We like this app for its efficient operation and snappy response time. XNSPY assists with all of the functions you would expect from a premium Instagram hacking tool. XNSPY allows users to hack private accounts as well, allowing you to see all of their posts and stories – without their knowledge or consent.

    XNSPY keeps a backup of all of the images on the target accounts, and operates as a stealth app, running in the background of other people’s mobile devices. The only thing we don’t like about XNSPY is that you need to install it on the phone of the target account physically. The user won’t be able to see that the apps are running, and it won’t show up in their app tray.

    Here is a brief guide to using XNSPY to view another person’s Instagram.

    Accessing an Instagram Account Using XNSPY

    Step 1 – Subscribe to Xnspy and install it on your device and the target device.

    Step 2 – Apple users can configure an iCloud backup.

    Step 3 – Wait for 48-hours for the app to transfer data from the target account to your XNSPY dashboard.

    Step 4 – Log into cp.xnspy.com and enter your login information.

    Step 5 – Navigate to the dashboard.

    Step 6 – Visit “Photos.”

    Step 7 – Click “search.”

    Step 8 – Select “Instagram”

    Step 9 – Select timeframe – ‘Today,’ ‘This Month,’ ‘This year’ or ‘All.’

    Step 10 – Click “search.”

    XNSPY is not a full-suite app like mSpy, but its effectiveness at helping concerned parents keep an eye on their kid’s social life. To pain control of an account, you’ll need to invest in the premium version of mSpy.


    Method 2 : Password Guessing

    Password guesssing is the process of attempting to gain access to a  system through the systematic guessing of passwords in an attempt to gain a login to a target instagram account.

    We’ve all heard the warnings about the need to change our passwords every time( monthly ), and always use a random-generated password ( like Sasw@12.in#23, heih##123.in2, 123firo.3in3 etc ) for the best security option. Given this fact, it’s surprising how many people still refuse to adopt this basic internet security protocol.

    There are many software security forms that releasae the list top 25 most common passwords every year, like Splash Data Firm etc.

    SplashData estimates that over 70 percent of all online users have used one of these 25-passwords at some point in their online experience.

    Top 25 Most Common Passwords according to SplashData

    1.     123456
    2.     Password
    3.     12345678
    4.     qwerty
    5.     12345
    6.     123456789
    7.     letmein
    8.     1234567
    9.     football
    10.     iloveyou
    11.     admin
    12.     welcome
    13.     monkey
    14.     login
    15.     abc123
    16.     starwars
    17.     123123
    18.     dragon
    19.     passw0rd
    20.     master
    21.     hello
    22.     freedom
    23.     whatever
    24.     qazwsx
    25.     trustno1

    How to hack instagram password

    If you’re trying to hack an Instagram account, and you know the person well, try using their birthday or the names of their family members for the password. These options are also commonplace among over 60-percent of all online users.

    Method 3 : Phishing Method

    Phishing method attempt to gain sensitive, confidential information such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, network credentials and more.

    Every single person searches the Internet.  How to get the password of instagram ,facebook, twitter because actions also believe that the easiest method is a phishing attack.

    When people search online for information regarding hacking an account, they often come across phishing because of its success rate and the social proof surrounding the reliability of the method.

    Hackers simply create a fake Instagram login page and wait for the user to enter their account information and password. The phony page records the details and sends them to the hacker in a text file for easy access. The hacker now has the password for the account and can log on to the profile whenever they please.

    Hackers build this fake login page through specialized apps designed to help Instagram users manage their accounts more efficiently. In reality, it’s a back-door system intended to help you circumvent Instagram’s security features. Another strategy involves emailing the link to the fake login page directly to the user, hoping they will enter their details.

    Once a hacker has access to your Instagram password, its reasonably easy for them to gain access to all of your other social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. Facebook links to Instagram, and many people use the same password for all of their social platforms.

    Hackers monetize this data and sell it on the dark web for a tidy profit. In some cases, the victim of the hack won’t even know a hacker has compromised their account because the spoofed login page leads them directly to their profile as if nothing is out of the ordinary.

    How Do Instagram Phishers Control Accounts?
    Hackers use two different methods to control the victims profile when gaining access to an Instagram account – Stealth mode, and Owners mode.

    How to Create an Instagram Phishing Page from Scratch

    Since phishing is such a popular topic for hacking any kind of online account password, we thought we would give you everything you need to know about this method, in one post. To complete the phishing page, you’ll need;

    • An internet connection.
    • Web Hosting account.
    • ig_login_page.rar file. Download it on your desktop. You’ll need it later.
     To open this “.rar” archived file use WinRar sofware. You can download it here (official website).– Password to open this file is “securityequifax” (Without quotes).

    Once you’ve assembled all of this, it’s time to get to work. Follow this step-by-step guide to setting up a fake Instagram login page.

    Step 1 – Register a free hosting account at www.000webhost.com. You can also use some paid hosting if you want – even better, because free ones can get banned if their system detects you’re using them for phishing, which is against their Terms of Service policies.
    Important: When you choose website name while registering, choose smart. This will later be your website link you’re going to send to potential victims.
    I’ve chosen “myigpage” for this demonstrative purpose.

    Step 2 – Confirm your email address. Be patient as their email might come with delay. I’ve waited mine around 8 minutes.

    Step 3 – You’re ready to start building page. Go inside your account and choose “Upload Own Website”.

    Step 4 – Now extract your “ig-login-page.rar” file you’ve previously downloaded in a new empty folder. You should have 11 new files extracted from it.

    Step 5 – Upload these 11 files into your new website. Choose “Upload Files” option from a upper right corner.

    Step 6 – Your phishing page should be ready now and working. Check it by visiting your link you’ve created at beginning (your-username.000webhostapp.com) in a new tab of your internet browser.

    When you open your link, Instagram fake login page should be shown. If you can’t see it, means you made something wrong.

    Step 7 – Now you need to use your imagination to fool your victims to login trough your link. Tricks which hackers often use is they send fake emails to their victims saying something like “Someone tried to hack your account. Login trough this link with valid password to confirm it’s yours.” And by this link you put your phishing one.
    There are so many techniques how you can trick your victims. Just be creative.

     Step 8 – After someone entered their username and password into your fake IG login page, you can see their login information by typing /password.html at the end of your link in a URL browser, and hit enter.

    Method 4. Use Instagram Password Hacking Tool

    Instahack not only allows you to recover the password but also snoop around in the account. It is one of the fastest methods and is entirely free of cost. It works on both Android and iOS phones and tablets. Here are the steps to hack Instagram account:

    Step 1. Visit the website and tap on the Start Hacking button.

    Step 2. Enter the username of the account you want to hack. Click Hack and let the magic unroll in front of you.

    Step 3. Once the status confirms that the website has found the password. Click on Continue.

    Step 4. A pop-up box will appear on your screen. Write down the password and use it to unlock the victim’s account.

    Tool (website) :- https://instahacking.com

    Method 5. Use Instaleak for Instant Password Recovery

    Instaleak is another simple way to hack Instagram password and account. The software uses an in-built IP spoofer to cover your IP, so you can’t be tracked back. It has an easy to use interface, so you won’t have any difficulty in navigating your way around. Let’s check how to use Instaleak:
    Step 1. Open the official website and enter the username you want to hack. You don’t need to login to use the feature.

    Step 2. Tap on the verify button. In only a few seconds, a message will pop-up on your screen informing you that the password has been recovered.

    Step 3. Write down the password on a piece of paper or in your mobile phone.

    Step 4. Download Instagram on your phone or login into the account using the user ID and password.

    How to hack instagram password

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