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Showing posts with label fat32 vs ntfs. Show all posts
  • FAT32 vs NTFS


    FAT32 vs NTFS


    File system is a structure that helps computer or operating system organize data on hard disk. If you are installing hard disk drive then you have to parallelize and format it, in windows based operating system app usually But there are 2 options available.

    One is fat and the other is nuts

    FAT file allocation table or FAT mark was created by Donald in 1977.

    File size: FAT32 has a maximum file size limit of 4GB, whereas NTFS can support much larger file sizes, up to 16 exabytes (EB).

    Partition size: FAT32 has a maximum partition size of 8TB, while NTFS has a maximum partition size of 256TB.

    And after this FAT32 came and FAT32 means that the data is saved in 32 bits chunks and the new technology file system was created by Microsoft and IBM together, It was introduced in the Windows NT platform in 1993, since then it is seen in the Windows based server operating system Windows XP and subsequent operating systems, so let's take a little more information about these two and between them Also know what is the difference

    In FAT32, the file size can be maximum of 4GB minus 2 bytes, it can create a file of approximately 4GB whereas in NTFS you can.

    You can create a file of 244 bytes or 16 terabytes minus 64 kilobytes, that is, the maximum size of an NTFS file is around 16 terabytes.

    FAT32 systems are less fault tolerant, the operating system maintains 2 copies of the file allocation table and can be restored from a backup if corrupted, such as in case of a power failure, while NTFS provides more fault tolerance. Is and maintains the law of changes in this disk and tries to repair any corruption such as if there is a power failure, NTFS auto repairs the file system and that too in the background so that in most cases Doesn't know if this auto repair feature is repairing NTFS or not

    FAT32 vs NTFS

    Apart from this, FAT32 systems are less secure, only share permissions are available for this security, due to which your systems are secured from the network, that is, the upper stored data of your system can be accessed only with permissions but This does not happen locally and all the files stored on the device that you will be accessing the systems And can use the folder in any way, while NTFS is a very secure system, with the help of file permissions, you can define which users can access the locally kept files and folders to what extent. Yes, NTFS provides security both locally and over the network

    FAT32 does not have any compression features i.e. you cannot save space by compressing the data.

    While NTFS provides compression features

    Apart from this, you can convert your FAT32 system to FAT32 at any time while you cannot convert NTFS to FAT32.

    In NTFS and FAT32 you can choose the file system according to your requirement where FAT32 is simple file system and It is popular in storage media like memory cards, USB pen drives and MP3 players or flash drives because of its simplicity but you need features like security and compression, in our case you have to choose NTFS.




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