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    What is CRUD?

    CRUD is stands for "Create, Read, Update, and Delete".

    These are the four basic operation for managing data in an application.

    In HTTP we find four main methods that can perform processing on data that are defined in the REST architecture. This correspondence can also be done with CRUD.

    GET     ->  Retrieve
    POST    ->  Create
    PUT     ->  Update
    Delete  ->  Delete

    CRUD Operation

    To Insert

    Public class HomeController: Controller 
    //controller is a class
    public ActionResult InsertData(Students s)
       ApplicationDb db = new ApplicationDb();
       return view();

    To read

    ApplicationDb db = new ApplicationDb();
    var lst = db.Students.ToList();
    List<Students> list = db.students.ToList();
    foreach(var obj in list)
    console.writeline (obj.StudentsId);
    console.writeline (obj.StudentsName);

    To Update

    ApplicationDb db = new ApplicationDb();
    Students s = db.Students.Where(x => x.StudentsId == items.StudentsId).SingleOrDefault();
    //items is a model name
    s.StudentsName = new StudentsName;

    To Edit Single Update

    Public Class HomeController: Controller
    ApplicationDb db = new ApplicationDb();
    Students s = db.Students.Where(x => x.StudentsId == StudentsId).SingleOrDefault();
    return view(s);

    To Delete

    List <Students> s = db.studentsToList()
      foreach(var t in s)




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