• Why we pay for internet?


    Why we pay for internet?


    Why we pay for internet?

    ISP stands for internet service providers which are those whom help us to access internet. For example Jio, Airtel, BSNL etc.

    one of the reason is because ISP spends his own money for transmiting internet over optical Fibre and optical fibre is too costly. Sometimes optical fibre get damaged so onthat time  maintainance and repairing cost and efforts are too high.

    The money spent over optical fibre thorugh deep sea is too costly and difficult it needs a lot of efforts team work and experts peoples.

    Transmiting the internet over the country via cell towers and wifi towers is also need money for construction and maintainance. They also provice serivces to customers. They also hire employee for provide us best experience.

    These are just few of reason about why we need to pay to ISP for internet!!!


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