• MCA core & advance Java assignment SEM-I




    This is the assignment of CORE & ADVANCE JAVA Programming of MCA course in which we have to explain about object oriented technology and to do java programming etc.



    1) What is Object Oriented Programming? Explain features of Object Oriented Programming.




    2.) Write a java program to demonstrate the use of different data types available in java.




    3. What is static variable and static method? Explain why main method in java is always static.


    4) What is inheritance? Explain the advantage of inheritance with an example. What are different types of inheritance supported by java?




    5) Explain the need of package in Java. Write a java program to show how package is created.

    6) What is abstract class? Explain need of abstract class with the help of an example.





    7) What is an exception? Explain how an exception is handled in Java. Create a user defined Exception class in java.








    8) Write a java program to create Thread and use it to give animation effect to a Lable control.

















    9) WAP to insert new records in BookDetails Table using java and mysql.











    11). WAP in servlet to Authenticate a user based on Userid and password.


    12) WAP in servlet to insert new records in Product Table.












    13) What are the different Scripting elements in JSP explain with example.





    14) What are the different standard tags used to set and get the values of JavaBean.





    15) What is expression language? How to retrieve the value of input field using expression language.






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