• whats app web How to Enable Dark Mode in a Simple Trick

    whats app web How to Enable Dark Mode in a Simple Trick

    Whats app Web How to Enable Dark Mode in a Simple Trick

    WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app that is used all over the world and this application exists with a very beautiful web interface.  After accessing it all people can send messages to each other, irrespective of the place of the world.

    Recently, WhatsApp had provided a dark mode future to all the users inside its application and all the users are waiting for them to use WhatsApp Dark mode in their browser and according to a report, the dark mod features in the browser of WhatsApp is going to come very soon.  It is currently under development and very soon the users may get to see these features.

    That is why, before coming to this features, we are telling you a very good way, with the help of which you can run WhatsApp web in dark mode in your browser.

    How To enable This Feature ?

    whats app web How to Enable Dark Mode in a Simple Trick

    Dark mode features have already been given to many users in WhatsApp applications.  But if you want.  Running WhatsApp in dark mode inside your browser.  For this, there is a very simple way that you have to activate.

    #First of all, open the official website of your https://web.whatsapp.com/

    #Open WhatsApp Web from the official page web.whatsapp.com.

    #Log-in to the web interface: You need to open WhatsApp on your phone > tap on three-dot icons on the top right corner > tap on ‘WhatsApp Web’. Now scan the QR Code on the computer screen with your phone.

    #Once you are logged in, right-click on the blank area outside the chat and select ‘Inspect’.

    #The browser shows the inspector or console and the code of the page. Now you need to scroll to find the string— body class=“web”

    whats app web How to Enable Dark Mode in a Simple Trick

    #WABetaInfo said that “web” is the class of the original theme, the one we are currently using. To enable dark mode, we need to replace it with “web dark”.

    #Once you replace the string, WhatsApp Web will turn to Dark Mode.

    We tried the method and it worked fine for us. However, since changing the string using Inspect on a web page is only for preview purpose, WhatsApp Web will turn to normal mode once you refresh the page or close it.

    The WhatsApp tracker also confirmed that the Dark Theme is not yet available and the platform is testing the feature in order to ensure a bug-free experience. Since the feature is under development, it is currently not available in the WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp Desktop app.

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    Video Tutorial :- SooN


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