• Is 10 and 12th marks are important in the field of ethical hacking mainly in PCM?

    A word that is embeded in the mind of every youth in this modern period, and this words attracts these  youths so much that they cannot stop themselves and that is the word that and perhaps you will be the people from me who will get pleasure from inside by hearing the name hacking word and there will be many of you who want to become hackers, so in this modern era it it hacking. The word is very exciting.

    so, in via this article website we will know about ethical hacking, I think currently version of Ethical Hacking is in 10 ( CEHv10 ) trend and since many people are involved in preparing for the exam, we want that through this article too you can increase your knowledge in many places and share your knowledge.
    Is 10 and 12th marks are important in the field of ethical hacking mainly in PCM?

    About Hacking

    Hacking — Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or network to exploit its weakness gain access. Example of hacking :- using password cracking algorithm to gain access to a system.

    In mid 80s & 90s, The media termed hacking related to cyber crime as false. Some peacocks then started using the very beautiful word - before moral hacking and it has become ethical hacking. Just ridiculous.

    Media falsely related hacking to cyber crime. Some moron then started using a much pretty word — ethical to precede hacking and it’s become Ethical Hacking. Simply ridiculous.

    Cyber security training has developed a mushroom over the years. Most of them are just fake. And innocent youth who consider cyber security to be a demanding field of computer science are keen to become a hacker.

    No person can become a hacker from a street course like CEH. Nor can one become a successful hacker (LOL) by two or three years of undergraduate or diploma courses. Studying to become a successful security specialist requires a lot of sweaty hours of study and many nights of sleep with many systems.

    Those who cannot cope with the CLI should simply move away from the information security field. Also system scripting languages ​​such as bash, csh, sh, perl, python are required to write their own code to deal with the system and talk with the network. By using just the tools available in Kali Linux or using Metasploit etc., it does not mean that you are a good security expert or so-called hacker.

    Cyber security is a matter of own experience in dealing with vulnerabilities and threats. I saw many students who successfully completed a hacking course like CEH and still struggle to avoid getting stuck in simple Linux gotchas.

    Is 10 and 12th marks are important in the field of ethical hacking mainly in PCM?

    No, 10th and 12th class marks are not important in hacking career and not only 10th and 12th even graduation/post graduation marks also not important in hacking career. Is 10 and 12th marks are important in the field of ethical hacking mainly in PCM?

    You can excel in a cyber security career even without a degree, but you have the passion and determination to break into the system with your skilled mind (unlike the years of skill and patience that you have in films overnight Or do not become hackers in short time.)

    If you have a good knowledge on any one of the below

    • Network Security
    • web applications Security
    • Exploit writing
    • Reverse engineering
    • Wireless Security
    • IOT Security then no need of even degrees.

    For private companies: Your sound knowledge on concepts is irrespective of the certificate and marks you have obtained after graduation / post graduation. I know that some members (from hacking groups) excel in their hacking careers without a degree.

    For government companies : There is a systematic approach so here certificates and marks ( above 60%) matters.

    If you are passionate and enthusiastic about security try to learn above any one of concepts deeply then jobs will come after you.

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